Adsoka Supports Career Development of Marketing Professionals

How to Apply
We do not review emailed portfolios or résumés, and we rarely respond to unsolicited phone or email inquiries. We ask that you send materials through the mail.

Steps to Apply
1. Sign up for Premier Access to

2. Mail a cover letter, résumé and samples of your work (career or academic) as appropriate to:

Adsoka, Inc.
Attn: Jason Inskeep
100 South 1st Street
P.O. Box 583237
Minneapolis, MN 55458-3237

3. Include preferred contact method, and we will contact you.

Please note your area of interest and availability in your cover letter. Include links to online work/portfolios in your submission. If you would like your samples returned, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

What to Expect
Members of the Adsoka team will review the materials you send and respond with comments and feedback usually within two weeks.

Applicants. Based on a favorable review, we file materials for future reference. Résumés on file are reviewed prior to a posting a position publicly. Send updated materials as your career develops.

Interns. Internship opportunities are based on need and the availability of talented interns. If an internship is your goal, be sure to note the preferred timeframe.

Groups. We regularly host groups and clubs interested in our industry. Please note the number expected to attend, the possible visit dates and goals of the visit. We will respond to your written request and coordinate details.

Freelancers. Adsoka develops its work primarily through the use of internal talent. Feel free to submit materials through the mail, sign up for premier access to and attend Adsoka events to meet the team.

Informational Interviews. We are open to scheduling informational interviews. We do this after we have had an opportunity to review submitted materials. Meetings are based on our availability and a decision about the value of getting together.

Other Recommendations
There are a number of professional organizations that can be of assistance to marketing professionals. You may also want to research employee placement groups specializing in our industry.


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