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Adsoka Celebrates Creativity and Its Positive Influences
Art at Adsoka supports artists by providing gallery space and promotional marketing (including an art opening). If you’re interested in getting the word out about your work and displaying your art at Adsoka, please send your artist statement with a link to samples of your work.

The Art at Adsoka gallery is currently featuring art by
Ray Becoskie, Bill O’Neil, Mary Olson, Nicholas Harper, Marcia Haffmans, Caprice Glaser (a collaborative piece with Ray Becoskie) and Andrea Miller.

Ray Becoskie

Ray Becoskie
September 28 – present

"I believe a painting should have everything stuffed, crammed and stomped into it..." {more}

Mary Olson Mary Olson
January 27 - March 31, 2006
For nearly a decade painting has been a natural outlet for Mary Olson in translating changing landscapes and environments.
Emmy Lingscheit Emmy Lingscheit
January 27 - March 31, 2006
Though science endlessly seeks to bring all things under human understanding and control in the humdrum cadence of modern life, the surreal seeps in around the edges of day-to-day reality and new mysteries are continually uncovered behind each discovery.
Nicholas Harper Nicholas Harper
June 2 - July 29, 2005
Having experimented with various mediums and techniques, Nicholas Harper has returned to and improved upon his classical training, melding his knowledge of early twentieth century painting with classicism to create his own style of Magical Realism.
Shawn Mcnulty Shawn McNulty
April 7 - May 27, 2005
"Shawn McNulty has perhaps the most innovative art in the show, painting in oils with an unrivaled sense of color and shape. His abstract paintings illustrate how the effective use of simple symbiotic patterns can be just as gripping as traditional portraits."
- J.P. Johnson | Pulse Twin Cities
Gregory Euclide Gregory Euclide
September 30 - November 30, 2004
Graceful curves swirl around a power plant of some sort, colored lightly. If paradize is about to be lost (not through spontaneous combustion), this transformation is pretty."
- Anna Pratt | Skyway News



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