Vendor Opportunities

Thanks for Your Interest in Adsoka

To Become an Adsoka Preferred Vendor
We are selective about the vendors we choose, and we are loyal to valued vendors once they have been selected. We appreciate your contribution to the industry and your innovations and efficiencies.

Interested in Freelancing?
Check out our Careers page.

Steps to Apply
1. Sign up for Premier Access to (you'll learn more about Adsoka and receive monthly updates about recent work, clients and marketing tips).

2. Send us your company materials in the mail (not email) and reference how you found us.

Adsoka, Inc.
100 South 1st Street
P.O. Box 583237
Minneapolis, MN 55458-3237

Please do not call us, leave voicemail messages or send emails. Set an appointment so we can enjoy meeting you! Our time and focus is spent in service to our clients.

What to Expect
Each week our team reviews submitted materials to determine whether it is a fit and if there is an immediate or future need. Based on what we decide we'll either:

  • Contact you to set up a meeting or
  • Archive your information in a searchable internal database

Whatever we decide, we'll let you know. If there is a fit, we'll send you an appropriate contact within Adsoka.

Thank you for being curious; we're curious about your organization as well. We look forward to reviewing the materials you send us!




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