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Let Me In Campaign launches

(October 1, 2005) Minneapolis—The Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City provides activities and programs supporting awareness and understanding of Down syndrome throughout the year. Since October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, it is an opportune time to introduce a new identity for the organization.

Starting early in the summer Adsoka, the leadership team at the Guild, the board of directors and families researched, discussed and reviewed elements that would capture the essence of The Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City. Elements of note included celebrating the abilities of individuals with Down syndrome, the volunteer spirit of the Guild’s supporters and the nature of the community itself. The mark needed to be distinct, engaging and an easy visual read in the various sizes and ways it was projected to be used. After a series of refinements that included exploring the use of color, type and illustration, the new mark was introduced.

“Our new logo conveys a sense of joy and reflects the unlimited potential of individuals with Down syndrome. Our members have reacted very positively to the new branding. We extend our sincere thanks to Adsoka for having the vision to see us through this process and creating such a fabulous outcome” said Amy Allison, executive director of the Guild.

The “Let Me In” campaign theme was successful in Canada. The Guild selected the same message to champion awareness activities during October in the Kansas City area. Numerous photos were available to use in the materials along with the campaign message. Noah, a young boy, and Ali, a young girl, are featured in posters and bookmarks.

Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder. Approximately 4,000 people are born each year in the United States with Down syndrome. Each individual has great abilities that benefit from quality educational programs, good medical care, a loving home and a supportive community. The “Let Me In” campaign seeks to continue to expand the positive public attitude regarding Down syndrome.

Adsoka continues to work with the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City to accomplish their mission. Learn more about the Guild at
Down Syndrome Guild

Down Syndrome Guild
PowerTrack, a Division of US Bank, and Adsoka Work to
Develop Branding

(August 25, 2005) Minneapolis—PowerTrack is a solution that blends a hosted application and professional services. New compliance regulations (such as Sarbanes-Oxley) have accelerated PowerTrack’s growth and adoption from vertical markets into much wider general market appeal. PowerTrack clients know more about operational goings-on and more immediately get payments.

The timing of this market expansion keyed the need for refreshed branding. Adsoka and PowerTrack are keeping the logo intact while evolving how it behaves in new materials online, in print and in person.

Adsoka will create identity materials, Web communications, sales materials, e-vites for Webinars and more.

“We look forward to bringing a human touch to an industry that tends to often be vague and distant,” said Maggie Swanson, editor at Adsoka.  “Their message and branding will be distinct.”

PowerTrack’s new Web site and materials are expected to be available early in 2006.

To learn more, visit
Growing Product WhisperPhone® Chooses Adsoka

(August 5, 2005) Minneapolis—WhisperPhone is the innovative new acoustical headset that provides immediate feedback and reinforcement as children read or study aloud. By channeling their voices directly to their ear, the WhisperPhone helps children to:

• Hear what they’re reading, even in the noisiest environments
• Focus on their voice and work
• Create a quieter classroom for others by lowering their voices
• Accelerate development in speech training
• Learn a new language
• Sound-it-out during vocabulary or spelling lessons
• Proofread written works
• Talk through math facts and concepts

WhisperPhone is the only hands-free model available of this educational acoustical headset. Teachers, speech language pathologists and others have given this product glowing reviews. Product benefits have also been monitored in adults, those with learning disabilities and others. Its uses are broad and its benefits are limitless.

“We are really excited to apply our skills to these projects. There is great enthusiasm surrounding this original product, and we look forward to helping WhisperPhone reach their goals,” said Gretchen Nielsen, senior designer, Adsoka.

Adsoka will assist the WhisperPhone team with public relations, design, editorial services and marketing know-how. The process will begin with a photo shoot.
To learn more about WhisperPhone, visit

Companion line of witty products for guys launches today.

(June 9, 2005) St. Paul—The creator of SMART WOMEN products, Girl Babies Inc., introduces a companion product line today for GOOD GUYS. This product line has similar design and wit that attracts consumers looking for positive messages and amusing gifts.

According to writer Sean Elder’s article “The Emperor’s New Woes” in Psychology Today Magazine, the expectations for guys used to be simple, “provide, protect and maybe trim the hedges now and then.” With the bar raised in an age of growing gender-equality, these GOOD GUYS now open their beer with a “GOOD GUYS Are Open-Minded” bottle-opener (made in the US).

GOOD GUYS line of products:
- “GOOD GUYS Keep Their Cool” Koozie (cup insulator); suggested retail $4.50
- “GOOD GUYS Take the High Road” Stainless Steel Travel Mug; suggested retail $15.00
- “GOOD GUYS Make Great Role Models” Modeling Clay; suggested retail $6.00
- “GOOD GUYS Are Open-Minded” bottle-opener; suggested retail $4.00

Founder of Girl Babies Inc., Julie Hellwich, knew the SMART WOMEN concept would also work for GOOD GUYS. “Since starting the company in 2000, my customers have been requesting products for husbands, brothers, fathers, sons and guy friends that have the same witty and positive appeal. The fun designs paired with practical and functional items are in response to these requests and as a way to recognize all the GOOD GUYS out there.”

The GOOD GUYS Web site is also launching a GOOD GUYS “Pop-Quiz” that will survey which top three qualities GOOD GUYS exemplify. The Pop-Quiz is available online at

GOOD GUYS and SMART WOMEN products are available nationwide at local gift stores, bookshops, specialty retailers and online. For a list of retail locations, go to For more information about GOOD GUYS or SMART WOMEN, visit, or contact Julie Hellwich at 651.645.7298.

Sean Elder, “The Emperor’s New Woes,” Psychology Today Magazine, March/April 2005.

Baby Goes Vintage Chooses Adsoka!

(May 25, 2005) Minneapolis—A New Jersey based online company, Baby Goes Vintage, chose Adsoka to establish a new Web site. The merchandise of Baby Goes Vintage includes vintage toys, clothes and home décor—all for the baby of the family.

Jeanette Mulvey, president of Baby Goes Vintage, launched a unique business scheme in 2001—“go back to the good old days.” The vintage store is expanding and needs a Web site that can handle a greater level of traffic and business without moving away from their underlying message.

“We look forward to enhancing their unique message through distinguished designs that are also practical and functional,” said Jason Inskeep, principal at Adsoka. “The Web site will also have great technical capabilities to ensure efficiency.”

Baby Goes Vintage products include play items like Ride-On Vintage Fire Truck, Roly Poly Sailor Boy, pacifier clips, books and whimsical chandeliers.

The Web site is expected to become live this summer.

For more information, visit
Baby Goes Vintage

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