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How to Maintain a Mountain of Photos

Have you ever searched unsuccessfully for an image and ended up ultimately using something other than the exact image you wanted? Maybe the details of your selected image were less clear than preferred, or the angle hid an important feature. It probably happened because your internal photo library wasn't as organized as it could have been.

Great photos are easy to accumulate; we have a camera on our phone, our computer, in our vehicle, and weíre snapping and sharing more photos than ever before. A diverse collection of photography is a huge asset for marketers. But this prolificness has made it harder to manage images, and searching through an Everest-sized heap of photos for the image you need is frustrating and inefficient. So here are a few tips for scaling the photo mountain:

Start at the bottom: designate a file structure to apply throughout your entire photo library. This is especially important in the workplace to enable co-workers access to specific photos. Creating a streamlined structure for your photo library makes communication about images clear, and itís a huge timesaver.

Also, your file structure needs a consistent labeling system in order to actually be useful. Here are some labeling tactics:

  • Label by broad topic.
  • Label by date or event.
  • Label by photographer or the photo subject.
  • Label by usage rights.

Labeling properly promotes regulation and will help avoid overuse or inappropriate use of photos. Imagine the issues that arise from using an image of a personís face without the necessary permission to do so. Properly labeling photos can save you much embarrassment and even legal issues.

Strong photo-library taxonomy means you are protected but also that youíll always have the "just-right" shot handy for the last minute request.

For technical advice on managing your photos/videos in iPhoto check out Cult of Mac.



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