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Smarter Website Development

When beginning work with a new client, Adsoka does thorough research to compile a marketing compendium. In addition to understanding our clients’ product and differentiators, this thorough examination of our client allows us to analyze their competitors and benchmarks. The editorial and design staff benefits by gaining a sense of who the client is and what their goals are.

Once we learn the client story, we began researching their competitors’ websites, paying extra attention to website navigation. One of our earliest steps with the recent development of a website for our client, Rose Vine Hall, was to create a sitemap; scrutinizing what benchmark sites share in common—and what they are missing—provided us with a great guide.

With the navigation in place, it was time to build a few wireframes. Before jumping headlong into an intricate design, it was important to comprehend content hierarchy—what goes where—in addition to the tone of the site. Designing wireframes early in the process leads to easier, clearer design and editorial decisions later. We arrived at three different concepts: Operational Excellence, Customer Focus and Product Superiority.

The Operational concept would focus primarily on the ease of process that Rose Vine Hall offers; key words that described the wireframe included smooth, flexible and organized. Our Customer concept emphasized the personal experience of the Rose Vine Hall customer and utilized macro photography that focused on quiet moments between people. The Product concept concentrated on the high-quality experience of selecting Rose Vine Hall—specifically the unique sense of fun spaces that makes the client distinctive among its competitors.

Before jumping headlong into an intricate design, it was important to comprehend content hierarchy.

The next step was to develop color palettes to further refine the site concepts. Rose Vine Hall draws inspiration from 1950s diner culture. So it was decided that the Rose Vine Hall color palettes should incorporate a vintage touch. Each color palette would need to complement the bright red in the logo. Designers explored vintage artwork and researched color to develop three palettes.

Working from our navigation wireframes and color palettes, we began designing concepts for the site. Each concept featured a unique palette and was designed to give the client three very different possible directions for their site.

While working to elevate the Rose Vine Hall website, however, it became clear that we were being constrained by the existing logo. No matter where the site design would lead, the logo held the website back. We introduced the idea of a logo redesign. We discussed what the client admired in other brands, which led to an overall tone objective: mature, sophisticated and elegant. However, this tone held the potential to lend an overly serious feel to our concepts. Additional exploration helped us enhance our objective: whimsical, elegant and fun. The brand-new logo captures this essence.

In addition, we worked to determine both where the client felt their brand was currently situated and where they want their brand to go. After reviewing the results, a few keywords stuck out: bold, open, slick, confident and sophisticated. With these in mind—and with a new logo—we are moving forward in building a brand-new, brand-savvy website for Rose Vine Hall.



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