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Online shopping is quick and easy; Amazon has been an undeniable front-runner in this area for years. A recent study by GroupM showed that one-third of consumers will go to Amazon at some point during their shopping process, and 34 percent will start there.


At Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity one of the most buzzed-about winners was McCannes’s “Dumb Ways to Die” for Metro Trains Melbourne. People loved the catchy song and adorable characters that shared the public safety message about being careful around trains.


The Millennial generation is known for wanting what’s next and best, and companies are responding. Some recent successful products launches were Birthday Cake-flavored Oreos and Pizza Pringles. One that didn’t pass and left consumers scratching their head was Yoplait’s Red Velvet Yogurt.

–Adweek, August 5, 2013


Everyone loves food and to share opinions, but what are the most trusted sources for food information? According to Adweek, recipe sites top the charts followed by food blogs, mobile apps, Facebook and Pinterest.


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics the average number of vacation days for full-time employees in the U.S., after one year on the job is 8.1. If you put in 25 years, that number jumps up to 15.7.


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